About us

tfc_tr_120We love music.  Growing from an appreciation of musical theater and rock and roll (one each), we decided in 2015 that we needed to host house concerts.  As our house was slightly sub-optimal for that purpose, we set out to design the perfect  Hauskonzerthaus (a totally real German word).  In late 2017, we finished construction, and here we are.

Our first concert was in May 2016.  It was held in the old same place in Glenn Dale, because we just had to do it even though the new place was still just a gleam in our backhoe operator’s eye.

We love musicians, and clowns, and magicians, and performers of all kinds.  So much art is huge now.  Mind you, we like a blockbuster Marvel movie, or overproduced rock concert as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to just see a girl with a guitar, or a dude with a didgeridoo, making that emotional connection that is the essence of art. That’s what we do at our shows.

To reserve a seat at a show, email us at  treefroghouseconcerts@gmail.com or leave a message at 202-930-FROG