April 6, 2018 — Steve Everett

A bearded ginger looking sultry for the camera
Steve Everett

Steve Everett, Pop’N’Roll singer & songwriter from Nashville, TN will be joining us Friday, April 6 at 7:30pm.

I first heard Steve when he was opening for The Alternate Routes several years ago. He hooked me right away with Historical Marker Marker, a song about an unloved sign that just stands on the side of the road pointing people to the interesting stuff somewhere else. Or maybe it’s about anyone who has had to stand in the back unseen, playing the bass or running the monitor mix, or otherwise being the under-appreciated backup person to the famous stars everyone came to see. He’s also very funny and a super nice guy. Come check him out!

This will be a pay-at-the-door show, suggested donation of $20, with all money going directly to Steve. RSVP is required – please email us.

NOTE: For those with allergies, there are three cats in the house. Medicate as needed!